Shropshire Revolution v Humber Warhawks


Game ten of ten already.  The Revolution’s regular season ends on Sunday with a road trip to Hull to take on the Humber Warhawks.  But it doesn’t have to end there.  A win gives us a chance to keep our season going into the playoffs!

Football website ‘Double Coverage has this to say in their weekly predictions:

Humber Warhawks vs Shropshire Revolution

The aforementioned Revolution know that a win against Humber and a defeat for Staffordshire will result in Shropshire stealing second place in the division, even with the Surge have a game to go, as both sides could end on 6-4 and Shropshire owning the head to head. It’s been a remarkable season for the Rev, with the opening day loss to Staffs and 3 defeats to Leicester sandwiched between big wins.

For Humber, they’ll be grateful they share a division with Lincolnshire as the only wins in their 3-5 season have come against the Bombers. Let’s just call this one now…the game means far more to the visitors than it does the home side.

Revolution to win by 50+ points…

Double Coverage:

So DC peg us for the win.  We MUST win! 50+ points is a tall order and there is a little more to it than just rocking up and piling on the scores.  Humber have come a long way, they are a relatively new team to the league and 3-5 isn’t bad at all.  In our last meeting, the Rev came out on top with a 49-0 victory.  Since then both teams have been playing and learning hard football.

Humber will want to stop our playoff run before it starts.  This is going to be a big game!

Shropshire Revolution v Humber Warhawks
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