Shropshire Revolution, Recruiting NOW

Glory is found on the line!

The lineman:

Often overlooked on the football field. The big guys who knock heads on every play.

The offensive line…..bulldozers, blocking the defenders and making running backs & quarterbacks look better than they deserve!
The defensive line……fighting blocks, making the blitz work. Scrapping for sacks & tackles.

Yes, often overlooked at times but they are the vital cogs in every football machine!

For those of you who may find yourself ‘too big’ for more conventional sports, you may find a home at the Revolution playing on our lines.

In reality, linemen are highly sought after and very popular within our team.
We can’t win without the lines pounding the plays!

Being a lineman gives you an opportunity to dole out aggression and violence in an organised and controlled manner!!!

If you fancy the challenge, get in touch or join in at our next training session on November 6!

Join the Revolution line……glory awaits!

Shropshire Revolution, Recruiting NOWimage: Mike Dean

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