Play American Football in Telford, Shropshire.


There are a few avenues to explore within our organisation:

1. Senior Kitted Football (18+)
2. Youth football Programme (14-17)
3. Flag Football, non contact (16-22)

We are always looking for new players, coaches, administrative supporters and game day assistants.  There is more to the Revolution than playing!

If you do want to be involved with our fine organisation, there are a few things you need to know, and they apply to any position within the team….

No experience is necessary!  We welcome all! Rookie players through to seasoned veterans!

Enthusiasm is a must!

Being a part of a football team requires a lot of commitment.  Probably more than any other sport in Britain!

What we will offer you:

Training and support in whatever aspect of the team you wish to be a part of.

Equipment loan to get you started if you are a player.
Subsidised player fees for students/unemployed

Great training facilities.

Some of the best mates you’ll ever make!

Win or lose, the Revolution is a great team.  We train hard….We play hard and we always have fun!

There are currently three avenues to playing football in Shropshire:

  • Shropshire Revolution Seniors (Adult, full contact football) Age 18 plus

  • Shrewsbury Sentinels Flag Football team (Non contact) Age 16-22

  • Revolution Youth (Full contact Age 14-17

Of course, all teams require people behind the scenes to keep them running and we are always looking for coaching staff and team support staff.

If you are interested in coaching, give us a shout.  As with the players, experience isn’t needed but an understanding of the game would be very useful.  Coaches are required to have at least a ‘level 1’ coaching qualification.  We will work with you to achieve this.  If you are interested in coaching in our youth organisation, a DBS (previously CRB) check will be required.

If playing or coaching doesn’t appeal but you would still like to be part of The Revolution, we would love to have you.  Running a football team takes a lot of work and we always need support behind the scenes.  If you would like to be part of the Rev and think you could offer any kind of help, use the contact form below!

So, if any of the above sounds like your thing, get in touch today . We’d love to hear from you!