Shropshire Revolution v Humber Warhawks

Revolution 31 – 6 Warhawks

The lads did it! We travelled a very long way to Hull for game ten, the final regular season game of the year.  It was a simple equation, lose and finish the season with a respectable 5-5 record or win and go to the playoffs!

We won! 31-6!

Our win catapults us into second place in the NFC II conference underneath the Leicester Falcons.

The first playoff game will be on August 21 and is a simple win to stay in scenario.  Our opponents will be the Leeds Bobcats who are currently at the top of NFC West II with an 8-1 record.  We will be travelling to Leeds which will feel like a short hop compared to the last game at Humber!

Look out for the Humber match report from JT and game images courtesy of very soon!

Rev It Up!

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